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The townspeople are not keen on outsiders. They have hardly talked to me since I got here. They're cold, distant, but I can sense the whole town notices I'm here. It might sound crazy but I feel like they're always watching. And sometimes I wonder if they hate what they're seeing.

It's been six days since Alice Wild last posted on her popular blog: Wild goes wild. The sudden radio silence has worried her fans and family alike. As a detective on the Crimibox-team, the police sends you the digital case containing all the evidence they've gathered on her disappearance and a one-way ticket to the small town of Jericho.

Upcoming investigation

"I've always been a huge fan of the crime genre so I was more than a little excited when first learning of Crimibox. We had a blast solving the enticing riddles, searching for clues on the web and investigating all kinds of suspicious behavior."

Alice Sanders


"As an escape room enthusiast, I've always wanted a mystery driven board game to play at home. When I received my first digital mystery I felt it couldn't possibly live up to a board game. Safe to say: I was wrong! After a night of intense investigating, I was completely hooked!"

Ron Adams


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+7000 detectives solved our investigations

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